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Bubble Relief Glass Mug – Elevated Sip

Bubble Relief Glass Mug – Elevated Sip

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Savor your beverages in style with our Bubble Relief Glass Mug featuring a circular handle. This exquisite glass mug is designed to delight your senses, whether you're enjoying milk, juice, or tea. Available in two charming colors, the options include:

  • Lustrous Transparency: The clear, iridescent option is a visual treat, with its bubble relief pattern adding texture to your sips.
  • Warm Tea-toned Glass: If you prefer a touch of warmth, the tea-colored glass variant exudes a cozy, inviting vibe.
  • Material: Glass
  • Care Instructions:
    • Almost all our tableware can be machine washed. Please adjust the dishwasher temperature and select a suitable washing program. When placing tableware on the dishwasher rack, avoid collisions during washing to prevent damage.
    • To avoid losing the natural luster of certain materials (such as porcelain), it is best to use a small amount of detergent without citrus ingredients. After washing, carefully open the dishwasher door and let the hot air evaporate slowly to prevent condensation.
    • For delicate tableware that you treasure, it is recommended to hand wash to avoid accidents. Clean with care to prevent damage or breakage.
    • Use mild cleaning agents to avoid damaging the decoration of the tableware. You can use a soft brush or a soft washing sponge. After rinsing, let it dry thoroughly, place it in a ventilated area to air dry, or use a lint-free cloth to dry.
    • When storing tableware, place thin paper between them to prevent contact and potential scratches or dust accumulation. Next time you use them, you will find that the tableware is still in perfect condition.
    • Do not pour liquids exceeding the heat-resistant range into ordinary glassware to prevent the risk of bursting and scalding.

The circular handle offers a comfortable grip, making it a joy to cradle your chosen drink. Enhance your daily sipping experience with a touch of sophistication.

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