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Wabi-Sabi Glass Art Vase

Wabi-Sabi Glass Art Vase

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Discover the essence of tranquility with our Valley-Inspired Glass Vase. Crafted with the serene beauty of mountain valleys in mind, this vase features a unique protruding center, converging shapes, and irregular fragments that mimic the beauty of natural rock formations.

With two sizes (16cm / 6.3 inches and 32cm / 12.6 inches) and three enchanting colors (Clear, Black Glass, and Green Glass), this vase allows you to curate your own zen experience. Key features include:

  • Mountain Valley Inspiration: Let the calming influence of mountain landscapes infuse your space with serenity.
  • Distinctive Irregularity: Embrace the irregular fragments that add character and uniqueness to this glass masterpiece.
  • Zenful Color Choices: Choose from transparent, black, or green glass to complement your space's aesthetic.

Whether you're an artist seeking Eastern allure for your illustrations or simply a connoisseur of unique decor, our Valley-Inspired Glass Vase is the perfect choice.

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