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Serpentine Green Ceramic Tea Set Tray

Serpentine Green Ceramic Tea Set Tray

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The tea set has its temperature. It gently brings warmth to the restless days, offering tranquility and embracing the warmth of a romantic and cozy life, starting with a piece of tea ware.

Serpentine Green Ceramic Dry Tea Tray: The dry tea tray is a type of tea ware popular in ancient Han Chinese folk culture for holding tea cups. It eliminates the need for some heavier tea utensils and serves as a small space to hold tea utensils. It can also hold other items such as fruits, pastries, and snacks, creating a beautiful scene in the tea culture.

Introduction to Serpentine Green Glaze: Natural single ore is introduced into the glaze, and after firing at a high temperature of 1350 degrees, the glaze surface of the ware resembles emerald green minerals. The green glaze reveals subtle graphite vein textures, combining a vintage and dynamic appearance.

Floral Border Design, Elegant Lines: The graceful line design enhances the overall aesthetic, bringing a sense of relaxation reminiscent of Zen.

Thickened Tray Surface, Kiln-Changed Glaze Surface: The thickened tray surface provides better support for tea utensils, ensuring safe use. The kiln-changing process results in slight differences in the finished product of each tea utensil, adding to its preciousness.

Size:Style A: 24.3x14.8x2.2cm/9.56*5.82*0.86in; Style B: 29x9.8x2.2cm/11.41*3.85*0.86in.

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