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Tea Set Kiln-Changing Ceramic Master Cup

Tea Set Kiln-Changing Ceramic Master Cup

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Craft Analysis: Porcelain originated from pottery, and its invention was gradually explored by the ancient Chinese ancestors in the process of firing white pottery and stamped hard pottery. To fire porcelain, three conditions must be met simultaneously: first, the raw materials for making porcelain must be rich in minerals such as kaolin, porcelain clay, or kaolin; second, the firing temperature must be above 1200°C; third, the surface must be glazed and fired at high temperatures.

Care Instructions:Almost all our tableware can be machine washed. Please adjust the dishwasher temperature and select a suitable washing program. When placing tableware on the dishwasher rack, avoid collisions during washing to prevent damage.

Size: S: Length 9.1cm, Height 9.1cm, Capacity 250ml M: Length 9.5cm, Height 7.7cm, Capacity 210ml

Tea Connoisseur's Choice: Designed for tea connoisseurs, these teacups enhance the overall tea-drinking experience with their refined aesthetics.

Beautiful Gift Option: Present this set as a thoughtful gift for tea enthusiasts, marking special occasions with a touch of artistic charm.

Size: Style A: Diameter 7.5cm/2.95in", Height 6.2cm/2.44in", Capacity 150ml; Style B: Diameter 9cm/3.54in", Height 5cm/1.96in", Capacity 120ml; Style C: Diameter 7.6cm/2.99in", Height 5cm/1.96in", Capacity 90ml

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