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Vintage Coarse Pottery Dry Tea Tray Kung Fu Tea Set

Vintage Coarse Pottery Dry Tea Tray Kung Fu Tea Set

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Material: Kaolin, pottery

Kiln Transformation Process: Uniform in the kiln, colorful out of the kiln, the kiln change glaze color is beautiful, and it mainly refers to the changes in the surface glaze color of the pottery clay during the firing process due to temperature variations inside the kiln. The kiln is fired at a high temperature of 1380 degrees, and the surface glaze color changes naturally, resulting in a rich and dynamic appearance. Each product's glaze color depth and texture are naturally formed and may vary, forming unique features.

Size: 28*14*1.3cm/11.02*5.51*0.51in"

Product Instructions:

Avoid external impact to prevent breakage. Clean it promptly after use to avoid leaving dirt.

Ceramic products go through dozens of processes from kneading clay, making embryos, trimming embryos, pressing water, glazing, firing, etc. Each piece undergoes many procedures, and the process often incorporates thoughts at that time, adding a casual and natural feel to the shape of the utensil. The thickness of the embryo and the glaze color may vary, reflecting the characteristics of the craftsmanship.

Black spots in ceramics are due to the natural mineral content of iron and other minerals in the ceramic raw materials. They are harmless and do not affect use. Trying to remove black spots and dirt would require the use of chemical raw materials, significantly harming the natural authenticity of good ceramics.

Ceramics will have pores during the firing process. Depending on the material/formula, pressure size/pressing method, pressure holding time/block thickness, sintering temperature, and holding time, the porosity will vary. Having pores in ceramics is normal.

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